Greetings my friends!  Earlier this evening my handsome hubby and I made our tastalicious homemade pizza.  Yummers!  This is a weekly tradition here at our little house.  We have the routine down!  Tonight’s toppings were Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet BBQ sauce (our fav), chicken, bacon bits and mozzarella.  Granted, it didn’t dawn on me to snap pictures of the process until after he pulled the heavy pizza stone out of the oven.

Sometime in the next week or two I plan on documenting our pizza making technique.  Here’s a quick picture:

BBQ Chicken Pizza

As for the most important 4th of May news factoid…today is my Dad’s birthday!  Happy b-day to the best Dad in the world!!!

And now for a quick tribute to my super supportive little sister (granted, she’s very much an adult).  A few days ago she wrote me an inspiring pep talk email regarding this blog.  The line that hit me the hardest was, “I know how it is to not do things because you want them to be perfect or else, but I think you just need to do it!”  So here I go little sister…I’m doing it!  I’m starting small, embracing any mistakes I make because I’m learning new things and enjoying the process.  Thank you for your encouraging words!