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I have a feeling that I will always call Northern New York the home of my heart.  I often dream of the tall mountains, corn fields, cool green forest trails and sparky little chipmunks…but let me tell you, I am throughly enjoying my new life down here in the hot, sunny South.  I have traveled to the beach the past 3 weekends!  How cool is that???  Very!

Weekend #1 was the Easter holiday.  After church, my friend Beth and I spent the afternoon on Tybee Island.  It was Beth’s birthday and her hubby is still deployed so we had to make it an extra special day.  Plus, the J-man (my handsome hubby) had to work.

Weekend #2 found the J-man and me heading south to St. Simons for a relaxing weekend getaway.  Just what the doctor ordered for my hardworking man!  We stayed at Epworth By The Sea (a quiet retreat center located along the Frederica River).

Frederica River

Epworth By The Sea

We also enjoyed touring the shops in Pier Village, dining at Southern Soul BBQ, climbing the lighthouse and spending Saturday chilling on East Beach.  We drove over to Jekyll Island for a short beach hike on Sunday.  Driftwood Beach made me wish we had brought along a picnic lunch!

Jekyll Island - Driftwood Beach

Jekyll Island - Driftwood Beach

Weekend #3 found us hiking and biking (our first ride together!) the beaches of Hilton Head Island, SC.  The J-man’s aunt and uncle had traveled east from their home in the American West for an Atlantic vacation.  My in-laws drove down from the Northeast to join in on the fun.  It is always a treat to reconnect with our far, far away family…especially when we don’t have to spend a day traveling.

I feel very blessed to have such a variety of beach opportunities so close to home.  Not sure when we’ll be hitting the beach again…and that’s ok.  Quiet, simple weekends at home help us recharge for the week ahead.

Enjoy your day my friends!