Greetings, dear readers.  I pray that you’ve enjoyed the past few weeks.  You may have wondered if I had quit this prudent blogging endeavor that I started not all that long ago.  No way!  Lord willing, I’m here to stay.

Late last night my handsome hubby and I returned home from a 2 week adventure in Europe (more details to come).  It was the trip of a lifetime and I am very appreciative that the J-man made it happen.  He is a man who plans.  Love that guy!

During the trip we took a much needed technology break.  I will admit to one brief expedia.com visit to verify a hotel confirmation number.  Oh yes, it was extremely hard to resist the urge to check our email accounts.  Phew.  Very hard…but we resisted and were glad we did.

Well, now I’m back home and feeling refreshed.  I’m excited to begin blogging faithfully.

I’m also excited to hit the grocery store.  Our cupboards are bare!

Enjoy your day my friends.