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Howdy friends.  It’s been an exciting week down here in the sunny and humid South.  A few of my dearest friends are enjoying precious family time with their recently returned soldier husbands.  It brings joy to my heart to hear of a soldier’s return to his (or her) family.  The day the J-man returned from his year in the desert was just about the best day of my life.

Alrighty…time for some summer goals.  Wait, isn’t summer supposed to be carefree and fun all the time?  Sure, for school kids maybe, but for little old me I need goals, or cabin fever will eat me up by July 4th.

Summer Goal #1

The J-man and I have decided to focus on eating well this summer.  We’re hoping to lose a little weight as a result.  More importantly, we want to change our habits and decrease our reliance on food to make us happy (ok, so I’m the one who struggles the most with that).

Here’s what we don’t plan to do:  We don’t plan on giving up ice cream, bread, rhubarb pie or any other delectable baked good that I love to create and that the J-man loves to eat.  We do, however, plan on retraining our bodies and minds in regards to how much and how often we consume such items.

That being said, how do we plan on achieving this lofty goal?  As simply as possible.  We’ll keep the kryptonite (real ice cream, chocolate, massive amounts of fresh-baked cookies, etc.) out of the house and the healthy foods in (grapes, nectarines, nuts, craisins, etc.).  I’ll also keep a food log to help me maintain a nutrionally balanced meal plan (I use MyPlate at livestrong.com).  We’ve also agreed to keep each other accountable for what we eat when we’re apart.

We’re also excited about incorporating more veggies and fruits into our meals.  I’ve committed myself to trying new dishes (or new takes on old favorites) that utilize more spices and veggies at least 3 times per week.  I’m looking forward to the challenge and will keep you posted on any super cool recipes we discover.  I’m so thankful for the amazing food blogs here in the blogosphere as well as my trusty Taste of Home magazine.

Last night we enjoyed our first taste of success!  We were shocked by how much we loved our make-your-own-grilled-chicken-salad feast.  It was low-cal, tasty, filling and high in fiber and protein…not to mention super easy for me to prep!  Can’t complain about that.  We’ll have to make it a weekly event.

Summer Goal #2

I’ll be planting an herb garden in the next few days.  I’ve had the idea rattling around in the back of my mind for months.  The most recent Taste of Home did a spread on planting herbs.  I took it as a sign!  Can’t wait to get started on this project.  I have the seeds, 2 huge bags of potting soil and my collection of empty pots.  Pics and dramatic tale to follow soon!

Enjoy your day!!!

Sara B