I love chocolate.  I love the taste, texture, smell and all around multi-purpose use of chocolate.  I’d be willing to bet (if I were a betting woman, that is) that most of you agree.

Every other day, towards the middle of the afternoon I crave the stuff.  Am I addicted?  Maybe.  While sweeping the floor, folding a pile of laundry or checking my email, my mind will scan the shelves of our refrigerator and cupboards in search of a chocolaty treat.

The J-man and I try to keep our personal kryptonite (pretty much all sweets!) out of the house and reserve them for special occasions.  It’s hard for me, however, to try to forget that bag of milk chocolate baking morsels tucked high up out of sight.  Digging into that bag would not be the best use of our resources, nor would it be the best way to deal with a chocolate craving.

But this may be…

Oh yeah.  A single serving of chocolate flavored soymilk.  Fills me up.  Tastes great.  150 calories of sweet calcium goodness.  Can’t beat that.  And ain’t it just the cutest little box?  I feel like a kid again while slurping up the last drops.

Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be raving over soy milk.  I used to scoff at the very thought of drinking such a weird concoction.  I remember tasting a housemate’s soy milk back in college.  It was nasty, and I declared that it would be the last time soy milk would ever cross my lips.

Well, I’ve long since eaten those words.  A little over a year ago, I picked up a carton of vanilla flavored soy milk at the grocery store.  Watery skim milk in my cereal was no longer cutting it.

Something must have changed since my college days, either in my taste buds or in the manufacturing of soy milk, because I am now a fan.

Recently, I discovered the mini containers of chocolate soy milk and decided to give them a try.  The small size is perfect for me.  A big container would go to waste because the J-man doesn’t drink soy milk…yet.  Plus, it helps me maintain portion control.

This is definitely not a paid endorsement.  Just sharing one of the little things in life that brings me joy.

How about you…what is one of the little things in your life that brings you a glimmer of joy?

Sara B