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Lately, there has been quite a stir on the world-wide web regarding the wonders of green smoothies.  I’ve read that they are tasty and chock full of nutrients.  Kids love them.  Hubbies love them.  Heck, the family dog probably loves them too.  It’s basically heavenly manna to a lot of folks.  Well, I wasn’t convinced.  It’s green, for crying out loud.  Spinach in a smoothie?  Seriously?  Sounds a little too weird for me.

I have never been one to jump on a fad bandwagon.  For instance, back in middle school, I boycotted all things New Kids on the Block.  While my friends were faithfully wearing out their New Kids t-shirts, I was faithfully wearing out my Charlie Daniels Band tape cassette.  I still know all the words to The Devil Went Down to Georgia.  (It makes me chuckle to think of how shocked my 12-year-old self would be to learn that I now live in Georgia…life sure is crazy).

Back to green smoothies.  Like I said, I wasn’t convinced…until I saw this how-to video on Simple Mom.com: http://bit.ly/pbQOk3  Check it out.  The lady made it seem so simple (ha).  I was intrigued.  In my quest to eat well this summer, I figured it was high time to investigate this fad for myself.

Bottom line: I’ve made two so far.  The first was ok; the second was awesome (because I added more fruit…don’t skimp on the fruit!).  Will I faithfully make them everyday?  Probably not.  I like variety in my meals.  I see myself whipping up a green smoothie for breakfast once or twice a week.  It’s a nice change of pace, and it’s an excellent way to use up leftover greens.

My Method:  First, I gathered up my supplies:  A tiny carton of plain soy milk, approximately 2 cups of baby spinach, 1 heaping cup of frozen fruit, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 teaspoon ground flax-seed.

I tossed the fruit, milk, cinnamon and flax into my blender.  I blended it until I could see a “vortex” (just like the Simple Mom video suggests…what a great tip!).  I had to stop the blending process a few times to push the frozen fruit down towards the blades.

Then I added the spinach to the fruity mix and hit the blend button again.  It did not take long for the blender to totally demolish the spinach.  I must say that at this point all I could think about was an old school frog-in-a-blender computer game the J-man showed me last weekend.  Terrible timing J-man.  Terrible timing.

I immediately poured my green smoothie mix into 2 glasses.  One for that moment and one for a snack later that day.

My second, fruiter smoothie, is pictured below.  I used a straw to slurp that one up.  Straws make me feel like a kid again.  So fun!  Plus, it made the whole drinking process much easier because I didn’t have to look at the glass and think about how much it resembled Georgia pond water.

Cleanup was a breeze (thanks again to the Simple Mom video I mentioned above).  As soon as I emptied the blender, I filled it half way up with water.  I hit the blend button for a few seconds, and it practically cleaned itself.  I did give it a quick rinse under the faucet with my soapy scrubby brush just to make sure it was good to go.  Then I took all the pieces apart and laid them out to dry.  That was the quickest blender cleanup ever!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Anywho…the blender now has a permanent home on our countertop.

Soooo…what’s your favorite smoothie concoction???