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Greetings dear readers.  I’ve some sad news.  Summer is over.  I know, I know…it’s hard to tell in some parts of the world.  For instance, down here in Coastal GA we’re still sporting shorts, tank tops & flip-flops.

Ah Summer.  Good times.  Our Summer was action packed from beginning to end.  Don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t perfect.  We had our fair share of sorrow and trial, but this post isn’t about that.  Instead I’d like to focus on the joyous and lighthearted moments.

So as a tribute to the glory of Summer, as well as an effort to get back in the blogging groove, I will now list my top 7 Summer memories from this year, in no particular order.

1. The Trip of A Lifetime: A Mediterranean Cruise!!!

Dreaming about this cruise helped the J-man make it through a year in the desert.  Wow…was this trip ever a treat!  My favorite port of call was Kusadasi, Turkey, where we visited the ruins of Ephesus.

2. PWOC Kickoff!  Last month the Bible study/ministry opportunity I’m involved in started up again for the year.  It feels great to be back studying the Word with friends.

3. My Birthday!  Many thanks to the J-man and our families for making it an extra special one.

4. July 4th Zac Brown Band Concert!!!  It was free, and it was awesome.  ZBB, I am a fan for life.  Thanks for all you do to support the troops!

5. A Trip to My Homeland.  I could write an entire post about our week in Upstate NY…but I’ll keep it simple.  We hiked, and we had a big pig roast party.  Life is good, people.

6. Leisurely Day Trips With the J-man.  One of our favorite mini-adventures is driving down to St. Simons for dinner at Southern Soul (best BBQ ever!).

7. An Orlando Business Trip.  Jason had to spend a week in one of the most fun cities in the Sunshine State.  My Mom was able to fly down from NY to hang out with me while Jason was at work.  It was tough, so tough…especially checking out this view every morning while eating breakfast:

There they are…my Top 7 Summer Moments.  What’s your Top Summer Moment???