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Hi all.  Martha Stewart’s recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling is one of those recipes that you must tuck away in your cookbook for just the right occasion.  Or, you could make some right now.

Some of ya’ll know that I’m a pretty good baker, thanks mostly to my Mom, my neighbor Jane (now, there’s a story that needs to be told) and tons of old-fashioned flour-all-over-the-kitchen-floor practice…but I gotta admit that this recipe is soooo extraordinary that it would make the worst baker look amazing.  Therefore, I can’t take much credit for how amazing these babies turned out.  The cake part is chuck-full of spicy Fall flavor and is extra moist, while remaining sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the filling.

My Bible study friends and the folks at the J-man’s office were raving over how tasty they were.  I was too.  My heart was bursting with joy at how much everyone loved them.

Thank you Martha!

There’s a video on the website that is worth watching.  More than anything, it was the video that inspired me to make them because it proved how super easy they were to create.  Plus, they gave me a few tips I wouldn’t have thought of from just reading the recipe.

Oh, and here’s a few more tips from little old me…I choose to use both a big triggered cookie scoop and a small triggered cookie scoop in order to make two different sized whoopie pies.  The bigger pies looked majestic, but I ended up having to cut them into quarters for my Bible study group.  And last night for dessert, I could only eat half of a big one.  The small cookie scoop made the perfect one person whoopie pie, and they looked as cute as buttons.

Be sure to use parchment paper on your cookie sheets when you bake the batter (which has more of a cake batter consistency than cookie dough).  And when they’re done and cooled off, don’t be afraid to pile on the cream cheese filing because the recipe makes a huge batch.  Speaking of filling, I chose to use a frosting bag with a huge round tip to spread out the filling.  A frosting spreader might work, but I’d sure hate to mangle the cakes in my attempt to spread frosting.

Now, go forth and bake!