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Freezer jam containers!  They are so dang handy.  Last spring I had high hopes of actually making freezer jam.  I’ve canned jam and jelly using the traditional method many times in the past.  So being able to just pop some in the freezer sure sounded appealing.  Well, due to the crazy summer we lived through, it never happened.

Then a few weeks ago I found the jars kicking around in one of our cupboards.  It hit me that they would be perfect for storing some leftovers from dinner in the fridge.  So I washed them out, filled them up and have been using them to store leftovers ever since.

Case in point…here they are storing some of the delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup (thanks Pioneer Woman!) we had for dinner last night.  Yum.  Can’t wait for lunch!

Hope all’s well with you and yours!